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What I liked about Salt & Fat

What I like about Salt & Fat is that they do not try too hard to impress you with their designs. They are not pushy, they are cool, and they know it. I think it was built on an old DVD store; they just installed a kitchen and some pig trappings. The old orange lightning and stained drop ceilings are pretty much the same. It makes you feel like it was a misplaced piece from Chinatown. Not the best place for a “food pilgrimage,” if you ask me. Gad, I detest this word.

Truth be told, if I can love Salt & Fat more than I do, I would. Every item on the menu would sound like an abomination for the vegetarians. Lovable. Some items conferred with me such as BLT buns and crispy port totter, but some other items like the pork belly and the fried chicken were completely absurd. If I were living in Queens, this would be my personal spot where I dine each night. Alas, I have a list to complete and long way to go so I cannot keep coming back especially when it is a long way home.

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