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My Pilgrimage to Sunnyside

I love food! I consider myself a hunter of good restaurants. I like to move from place to place looking for good restaurants in a food pilgrimage. My area of choice today is Queens. On top of my list was Salt & Fat. For me it was like one of those restaurants you always hear about but never actually visit. By reading the reviews on social media, I was intrigued even more. I wanted to know what the fuss is all about. Since it was already, the only restaurant in Sunnyside on my list and the name was catchy; Salt & Fat. I decided to give it a shot; my stomach loved the ring of that name. Best of all it was conveniently located, right next to the Credit Glory main offices.

I think that there is a movie with the same name. A haunting name with a logo of pig, providing a bacon-based menu with a touch of Asian magic. I know that you can find similar restaurants all over Manhattan and Brooklyn, but not in Queens, it was the only restaurant of this sort, which attracted me even more. There is a world of differences between dining out in an awesome restaurant in Manhattan and an awesome restaurant in Sunnyside.

Salt & Fat is simply the coolest restaurant in Sunnyside; you can feel the awesomeness many miles away. The only problem there is no reservation policy and it can be daunting to find a table in prime times. Right of the bat, you are greeted with some delicious and free popcorn cooked in bacon fat, drink prices are modest, and you can eat all you want for under $50. However, they seem to serve Thousand Island dressing with anything I order.

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